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Conserving Etosha's Cultural Heritage

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Out now: book publication "Born in Etosha"
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Poster map of Hai||om placenames in Etosha (pdf)
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Maps of traditional Hai||onm animal and plant resources
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Welcome to the webpage of the Xoms |Omis Project!

"Xoms" means "Etosha pan" in the language of the Hai||om, an indigenous San group of Northern Namibia, whose ancestors populated the area surrounding the Etosha pan.

Traditional knowledge of the Hai||om on ecosystems, natural resources and their use is slowly dying out. Still their culture is full of references to their ancestoral living area: "Xoms |Omis" means Etosha heritage.


15.11.2012: Book launch of children's book "Born in Etosha: living and learning in the wild".
This book provides insight into the culture and history of the Hai||om who have lived in Etosha National Park for centuries. It will help to ensure that the rich cultural heritage is not forgotten.

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Book launch of Born in Etosha, Homage to the Cultural Heritage of the Hai||om in Windhoek, Namibia. The book is the first publication to pay homage to the forgotten cultural history of the National Park. More information on the book and preview pages


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