Xoms |Omis Project

Conserving Etosha's Cultural Heritage

Born in Etosha

Written by Ute Dieckmann and produced by the Xoms |Omis Project.

Born in Etosha title 77 pages, paperback, ca. 20x20 cm, with many colour photographs and illustrations.
ISBN: 978-99945-61-37-7
90 Namibian Dollars

Born in Etosha, Homage to the Cultural Heritage of the Hai||om, is the first publication to pay homage to the forgotten history of the Hai||om who lived in the area and whose lives were completely transformed by the proclamation of Etosha National Park. Through images, personal reminiscences, character sketches and depictions of important waterholes, Born in Etosha provides an insightful tribute to these former residents.

Born in Etosha is designed to accompany the reader on a journey through Etosha, reincorporating the culture and history of the area into the natural landscape. The history of selected waterholes and other culturally relevant locations accessible to visitors on the main tourist routes serve to portray the life of the Hai||om who once lived there and to highlight the history of the park.

“This publication ensures that people will know our story and helps to protect our history and culture,” says Kadisen ||Khumub, the co-chair of the Xoms |Omis Project. 

Contents: The Xoms |Omis Project, Information on San and Etosha, Waterholes, Landmarks, Bushfood, Hunting.

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The book is available at the Legal Assistance Centre, Windhoek, for 90 Namibian Dollars.

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